3D Deliverables

REVIT Modeling


The development of an accurate BIM demands reliable existing conditions mapping. Feldman’s experienced and direct production of detailed REVIT models, along with CAD plans, sections and elevations from comprehensive construction grade stacked laser scans, allow the BIM to be based on correct survey information.


3D MEP / Plant Modeling


The creation of pipe and plant 3D models using laser scan data provides a cost effective method of documenting an installation. Feldman employs an effective mix of accurate, automated pipe generation software in combination with direct modeling and Quality Assurance. Upon its completion, our work allows retrofitting and virtual design builds to be carried out successfully, accurately and with minimum risk.


Inspection Reports


The results of Feldman’s laser scanning can be used to assess deformation, undulation and/or plumbness of a structure, concrete slab, hull or surface.
In addition, our highly accurate and detailed method of data collection supports the generation of existing conditions reports of a façade or slab. Conventional deformation monitoring can also be produced, along with detailed thematic mapping for rapid reporting.




2D CAD line work forms the most common deliverable of Feldman’s laser scanning services.

Our 2D plans and building elevations are drafted in AutoCAD and conform to survey CAD standards for seamless integration with conventional survey data and external plans. Sections and profiles can easily be produced to provide accurate base data for 3D modeling in BIM packages.




Feldman’s wireframe models are drafted in AutoCAD, comparable to our 2D line work but from spatially accurate 3D geometry. Our models can be integrated as mass elements in BIM packages or used as base models for 3D animations.


3D Surfaces


Feldman’s point cloud data, polygonal meshes, wireframe models and derived contour models can be surfaced to form solid geometry.

Our 3D surfaces are generated from original point cloud data that can be significantly simplified to allow for easy manipulation in BIM or 3D modeling packages, such as 3DS Max or Sketchup.


3D Point Cloud Data


Feldman’s raw survey data is comprised of millions of xyz coordinate points collected by our newest laser scanners.

Once cleaned and registered together, our datasets can be manipulated and queried in a number of software packages. Combined with high quality color photography, our generated data can also be used to create high impact site visualizations and flythroughs.


BIM QA & Clash Detection


Feldman fully appreciates that the accuracy of every BIM is a crucial step in design/build programs. We understand that ensuring a proposed development fits as designed to the existing condition of a site makes it possible to eliminate costly on-site alterations.

Following our accurate laser scanning of the existing conditions of a site, the collected real world data can be directly viewed within packages such as Revit, Navisworks, Rhino and Bentley Architecture.

By running clash detection or utilizing point clouds for visual comparisons to BIM, potentially problematic issues can be highlighted easily and efficiently.


Volume Calculations


Feldman’s laser scanning services enable far greater accuracy in volume calculation than previously possible. By producing detailed and accurate surveys of material piles, floor surfaces or building pads, our laser scans facilitate the improved management of on-site materials, leveling and fill import/export decisions.