Feldman innovates with NavVis

Feldman innovates with NavVis

We are excited to announce that Feldman will become the first New England area company to take delivery of the all-new NavVis VLX SLAM laser scanner. This revolutionary wearable laser scanner allows for rapid collection of Point Cloud data and imagery to enable fast and frequent 3D documentation of interior and exterior spaces. When coupled with Feldman’s rigorous survey control expertise, point cloud best practice approach, and fleet of Leica construction grade laser scanners, the VLX will open new possibilities for construction development documentation, project closeout documentation, and rapid visualization.

The Feldman Team – Staying Connected While Remote

Staying Connected While Remote

March 13, 2020 was the last day we had a full office due to the Covid-19 pandemic. After years of building a cohesive culture at Feldman, we pivoted and found ways to not only continue to be an industry leader, but to also keep our team together during remote working conditions. It started with weekly emails to our team and quickly changed to video updates. The videos feature business updates by our team, community outreach, pictures of team members at home, on weekends and with their families. We have featured interviews with clients and invited guests like the radio pro, Tony Massarotti. The response from the Feldman staff is positive and keeps a remote team connected. We have discovered that even in the midst of a pandemic when we don’t see each other daily, we are still able to be on the same page about the Feldman business efforts and also have enjoyed learning more about our colleagues than we did when we spent 5 days a week together. Enjoy the video montage!

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