Feldman Culture: A Healthy Outlook

Much more than a professional commitment to completing surveying projects alone, the culture of Feldman is fun and fast-paced with the right amount of focus to encourage excellence and innovation—while at the same time eliminating error and distraction.

It’s not uncommon to see the entire management group at the office well before 5am, ready to lead by example. And whether it’s through healthy choices like using the company’s on-site fitness facility for circuit training, weekly yoga classes, weekly fruit delivery, healthy fresh LEANBOX vending machine, or ergonomic sit or stand workstations, every one of our people reflects the health of the company.

Smart. Complete. Feldman.

Smart survey isn’t some theory that exists only on paper; in many ways, it’s the ethos of the entire company. That’s why first impressions from the organization of our trucks to our professional attire are just another important step in delivering the best complete package of products and services to our clients.

It’s interesting to note how the longevity of the company is intertwined with the health of our people. And since energy is a product of health, it’s not surprising that the collective intelligence of the company is so forward-thinking and agile.

Smart Survey Finds a Home

Bringing talent and clients together in a showpiece facility—that’s what you get when you provide a real home for the smartest people to connect with the latest technology.

That’s Feldman from the ground up!