From the Ground Up

Established in 1946, Feldman is a 85-person firm led by six, Registered Professional Land Surveyors and a staff solely dedicated to the practice of Land Surveying. Since our field continues to evolve, our professionals keep current with issues ranging from legal aspects of surveying to new technological advances, procedures and equipment. We lead by specializing in our field and ensuring that all our decisions are made from a Professional Land Surveyor’s perspective.

Most of our competitors are Civil Engineering firms that have survey “departments” that were established to provide priority service to their engineering group. Our firm provides priority service directly to a wide range of clients including developers, non-profits, architects, construction managers, general contractors, engineers, attorneys, consultants, as well as government, educational, healthcare and religious institutions.

Quality with the Highest Level of Service

We provide the highest level of quality and service by maintaining our staffing levels. We have the capacity to be on a site or performing office work on a last minute basis for our clients. And this level of service, combined with our experience, helps reduce design, construction and financing delays.

A Multi-Faceted Approach

The utilization of new technology provides more value to our clients since it increases efficiency. However, this new technology needs to be used by people who have a strong background in conventional survey practices. In one day, we can send out 15 full-time field crews. The first may do a complex construction layout. The next may work on a large topographic survey with state-of-the-art GPS equipment. Another may re-establish the street line of an old street in the City of Boston, while yet another crew will perform 3D laser scanning of an existing building. And we still have more field-ready office personnel to service other clients that day.

From conventional surveying to producing 3D models in Revit and from construction layout to utilizing Navisworks to run clash detection of a BIM, Feldman can do it all.