Community Involvement at Feldman

Here at Feldman, we like to help make the lives of the people in our community better. That’s why, as the holiday season draws near, it’s important for us to take stock of how we’ve been privileged to support our local community over the past two years.

Beautifying and Activating the Neighborhood

One of the most important things we’ve done was to drive the renovation of a semi-vacant, run down structure and turn it into a building that our community can be proud of. As a result of our efforts, there has been a $4.2MM combined investment in our building and property. We performed extensive renovations and upgraded the building’s interior and exterior; then we placed trees and plantings with holiday lights around it to enhance the streetscape. We also installed exterior lights to illuminate the building and sidewalks for increased safety. Moreover, we formed a task force focused on getting some of our industrial neighbors to improve the air quality in the neighborhood.

Helping Local School Kids

In addition, soon after moving into our new building, Michael Feldman, our President and CEO, noticed that local students were waiting on Hampden Street as early as 5:30 in the morning for the bus to take them to their school in the suburbs. He realized how hard this must be for them, especially during the harsh New England winters. Before long, he put together a plan to provide more than $3,000 worth of winter jackets and hats to Orchard Gardens kids at Christmas time. Now, when those same students are waiting for the bus, they’re better protected against the cold.

Similarly, last September, we purchased and filled 130 backpacks for students at the Henry L. Higginson Inclusion School in Roxbury. Afterwards, Principal Marie E. Mullen wrote, “We truly appreciate all your team did for our staff and students. The students were thrilled when they opened their backpacks to see all of the fun stuff they got!”

Thank you for the invitation & inside look at Feldman today. Our members were very intrigued & excited to learn that this type of company calls Roxbury home.

– Russell Lamberti, Director, Orchard Gardens Club, Boys & Girls Club of Boston

The kids had a great time today at Six Flags! We also paid the remaining balance of 3 families for summer. We appreciate the support & look forward to partnering again.

– Russell Lamberti, Director, Orchard Gardens Club, Boys & Girls Club of Boston

Feldman as a Sponsor

Supporting local events is also a big part of our philanthropic endeavors. We’re a sponsor of the Orchard Gardens Gospel Dinner, as well as the Back-to-School Jamboree. In addition, we sponsored a trip to Six Flags for the Orchard Gardens Boy & Girls Club of Boston.

Helping Our Community Thrive

Over the course of 2016 and 2017, we were honored to receive two awards from the Orchard Gardens Resident Association — including the Above and Beyond Award — for our work in the community. Now, after seeing how much of a difference we can make, we’re even more motivated than ever before to keep taking action and supporting endeavors that help our community thrive.