Feldman Land Surveyors Breaks Ground with Second Graders

Admittedly, since the firm was founded three generations ago, Feldman has had plenty of expert eyes benefit from a visit to our offices. But recently we were honored to host two of our first-ever experienced monster fighters!


In August, a second grader from Mason Rice Elementary School was shown our website by his mother. He enjoys playing Minecraft, a computer game that involves building virtual structures to protect against the attack of destructive monsters. As players progress in the game, they can work together to create imaginative 3D features and even build entire cities. So it wasn’t surprising that the second grader was immediately interested in our website, especially with our stories and images related to 3D imaging real world structures like the Paul Revere House and Boston Public Library.

Seeing his interest, his parents arranged for him and a classmate to visit our firm for an afternoon. Jehiel Rosario, Steve Wilkes and Justin Geddis showed the students the software we use every day, which is based on 3D laser scans and allows us to produce Revit models that give everyone from architects to engineers the data they need to do their jobs.

Throughout the course of their visit, the students were able to see Feldman’s involvement on projects such as Logan Airport and Filene’s basement Downtown Crossing, as well as historic preservation work in Milton, MA.

When asked for his thoughts about the impromptu visit, the firm’s president Michael Feldman said, “I’m hopeful this kind of activity will show children at an early age that what we do is not only extremely important to the built environment, but it’s fun and even a bit creative!”

So when the proverbial what did you do over your summer vacation rolls around, a couple of students can now report they found creative ways to keep both virtual and real cities safe and standing for generations to come. Not bad for second grade!