Feasibility Studies and Due Diligence

When clients are looking at a new building or property they want to acquire, or when an architect needs a survey for a college or another school, Feldman is the intelligent choice for feasibility and due diligence. We’re often first contacted in order to deliver a plan for a feasibility study or due diligence within a very precise timeframe—before a deposit goes hard or a deadline is crossed.

At Feldman, we’re used to clients needing our survey expertise throughout the feasibility/due diligence stage of any given project while they explore all options and ultimately decide whether the development can go forward. From determining the suitability of a site to build a new school to examining what site constraints need to be addressed on a property, the importance of involving a smart survey firm early in the development process cannot not be stressed enough.

So remember: while you’re still “kicking the tires” on your next building or property development, let Feldman reduce your risk by helping take the guesswork out of the decision to move forward or not.

To find out more about how we can service your feasibility studies and/or due diligence process, contact Feldman today.

Project Lifecycle - Feasibility/Due Diligence