Survey Intelligence: The Basis for Excellence

Survey intelligence includes the research, data collection, and competence that goes into all of our survey services and products. The term “survey intelligence” carries a double meaning. It represents both the research and data collected in the field and office, plus, it also refers to the high level of intelligence needed to provide our services at the highest level. This level of service is something that all of our clients deserve and receive.

						Lifecycle Feasability/Due Dilligence Acquisition Permitting Design Construction As-Built Long-Term Financing Feasability/Due Diligence Acquisition Design Permitting Construction As-Built Long-Term Financing
Project Lifecycle Feasibility/Due Diligence

When clients are looking at a new building or property, or when an architect needs a survey, Feldman is the intelligent choice for feasibility and due diligence. We’re often contacted—before a deposit goes hard or a deadline is crossed.


At Feldman, we understand the steps that go into the acquisition of any structure or property. It is at this crucial stage that the methods of smart survey are so important—delivered in a timely and highly competent manner.


When owners and developers need to show interested agencies what a proposed project will look like, they regularly rely on Feldman. We perform all necessary survey and services so projects are ultimately awarded building permits.


Feldman often supplies clients with smart survey work during the design phase. This work includes services such as Building Information Modeling (BIM) and 3D Laser Scanning, as well as conventional land mapping and survey services.


During the construction phase of a project, Feldman works to ensure that everything that was laid out in the design phase goes into its proper place as it is constructed. This prevents errors and delays, reducing risk for all involved.


Just as its name implies, as-built survey work involves showing the final product of a development. During this process clients can verify whether everything on a project has been literally built to the plan’s specifications.

Long-Term Financing

For the longevity of any project, acquiring long-term financing is an essential step. That’s why it’s imperative that owners and developers can count Feldman to provide ALTA/NSPS Land Title Surveys.

Data. Competence. Results.

To acquire survey intelligence, you need more than raw data collected in the field. In order to properly collect data and turn it into intelligent work, you also need the right people with the experience and know-how to do the job well.

Survey intelligence, therefore, always includes excellent research, data collection, and the highest level of competence that goes into all of Feldman’s survey services and products.

Survey Intelligence—Why Survey Without It?

Even the best data collected from the physical world needs to be interpreted correctly in order to produce good results. Our knowledgeable professionals put survey intelligence into everything we do in order to provide our clients with the outcomes they expect.