Feldman’s Headquarters – 152 Hampden Street

Rarely does the opportunity to practice what you preach come along like the one at 152 Hampden Street. Built in 1856, the old brick and beam structure made for an interesting solution to Feldman’s need for a new head office. For the team at Feldman, skilled at applying the methods of smart survey to all their clients’ projects, the Victorian Eclectic-style factory building and warehouse was just the type of project they could shine their collective skills and knowledge on.

Used to supplying 3d laser scanning, BIM, and conventional forms of survey services for others, Feldman wasted no time in putting every aspect of smart survey to work when the decision was made to seek a permanent home for its own staff and equipment.

Smart Survey in Practice

Believing what you tell your clients about smart survey helps, but when the time comes to collect data for your own future headquarters, knowing how to get it right from the ground up becomes part of the lasting showcase of the firm. That’s why Feldman was there every step of the way from due diligence to permitting and throughout the renovation of the former machine shop and piano factory.

Scanning the building inside and out at multiple phases throughout the project meant everything from permitting to design went smoothly and according to the plans. And with that type of security and stability on the project from the start, it’s no wonder that the project was completed in time for the September, 2016 move.

Certainly, the building at 152 Hampden has put a stylish roof over the heads of the team at Feldman. But in return, those same professionals meticulously gathered enough data on the structure to ensure its vitality as a landmark headquarters for years and years to come.

Now imagine what smart survey could do for your next project.

Congress Square

Described aptly as a building within a building, the development of Congress Square is the type of highly complex project where Feldman’s smart survey methods literally shine through on every level. In a move that will transform both a building and a neighborhood, Congress Square reinvents five iconic interconnected buildings with a bold new vision that sparks intellect and creativity: seven stories of glass curtain wall are being added above a totally redeveloped existing structure to allow the creation of residential spaces where there are currently few, but the demand is already high.

To ensure that 14 super-columns fit through the existing building and support the seven stories of curtain wall being added above it, Feldman has been involved in the entire life cycle of the project from gathering data for permitting to 3D laser scanning, BIM, and supplying construction engineering control.

Boston Public Library

The Boston Public Library (BPL)—the nation’s first free metropolitan lending library—and the City of Boston planned a banner revitalization project aimed at activating the street in front of the Johnson Wing.

Feldman Land Surveyors was tasked with performing 3D laser scanning and revit modeling services for the project’s architect, William Rawn Associates.

Also, as part of our pro-bono Scanning Historic Boston Program, we captured the data of the McKim Building, affectionately referred to as “the palace of the people” by its original architect Charles Follen McKim in 1895. We then integrated this data into the project model.

Solomon Schechter Day School

The architect and landscape architect for this school hired our firm to perform Boundary, Utility and Wetland surveys for their new parking lot and fields.

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We were also on site to assist the site contractor during construction in addition to providing a fast turnaround as-built survey.