Scanning Historic Sites: The CyArk-Feldman Partnership


In March 2001, the world was shocked by a culturally devastating event. Citing idolatry as their reason, the Taliban destroyed the famous Buddhas of Bamiyan; 2000 year old monumental statues of Buddha that were carved out of the Bamwam valley’s rock. Historians, anthropologists and millions more were horrified by the act of destruction itself, as well as by the realization that the world’s most important heritage sites are not only vulnerable to erosion, weather and seismic events, but also to human aggression.

Two years later, CyArk was born. Founded by a group of dedicated preservation enthusiasts, the international non-profit organization’s mission is, “To ensure heritage sites are available to future generations, while making them uniquely accessible today.”

Using cutting edge technologies, CyArk creates 3D representations of culturally valuable sites. These models are collected in a free online library where, with an Internet connection, they’re easily accessible from anywhere in the world so everybody can experience them. Moreover, building an archive of accurate representations ensures that these sites will be virtually available to future generations, regardless of what happens. After recording sites like AngkorChichén Itza and the Piazza del Duomo in Pisa, CyArk’s current projects include Ahu’ena HeiauIndependence Rock and the Sydney Opera House. With over 80 projects listed on their website, the organization is gradually creating a resource that will be valuable to mankind for years to come.


Recently, CyArk approached Feldman Land Surveyors to partner with them. Since our company has scanned many important sites in the US, CyArk envisions first and foremost obtaining our historic data. Furthermore, we’re discussing the possibility of working together to scan the entire Freedom Trail. Stay posted for news and updates as this exciting partnership develops!

What’s your favorite historic site? Have you visited it virtually? Tell us about your experience.