3D Laser Scanning

3D laser scanning enables Feldman and our clients to get the ultimate grasp on the reality of any project. When the time comes to look at existing conditions, properly gathered and registered 3D laser scans mitigate the risk in any project moving forward. At the same time, the amount of survey grade information that can be gained is maximized, and that’s what makes this service so powerful—its trustworthiness.

Risk mitigation isn’t a buzzword associated with 3D laser scanning; it’s the result of the latest technology in the hands of those with survey intelligence. With the ultimate rigor applied to every scan we complete, Feldman allows owners, architects, general contractors, and trade coordinators to rely on one common meeting point where raw data connects to become 100 percent accurate, useable information.

Able to meet both budgetary and safety conditions, 3D laser scanning can be reliably conducted in a wide array of situations, from around high voltage lines to sealed off sub-basements. It minimizes your risk while simultaneously maximizing your information. So when all the members involved in your next project need accuracy and reliability in the form of survey intelligence, contact the team at Feldman.