Providing Quality Control for Construction Engineering

Feldman’s expertise is required on many construction sites, whether it is layout for high-rise construction or just about any other large- or small-scale building project. We often provide solutions to general contractors to help them get things right from the ground up—from column line layout to anchor bolt as-builts.

We cover deformation monitoring, as well as any other service that a construction manager would need on a project. It’s why projects like the 60-story Millennium Tower and the luxurious Four Seasons Boston trust Feldman to apply the methods of smart survey to keep important projects on a timely path to completion.

Not long ago, the prevailing methodology was to call a land surveyor on to a construction site merely to lay out walls and columns. Now, of course, we’re regularly on site, monitoring for movement in walls and abutting buildings. And after performing a 3D Laser Scan, we can determine if a given building is being built to the precise specifications of the BIM upon which it was originally conceived.

For layout, surveying or quality control on your next construction site or building project, choose Feldman today, and reduce the risk of problems tomorrow!