Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE)

At Feldman, our Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE) division is led by professionals with over 15 years of subsurface investigation experience. SUE is an essential service for those clients who require the locations of subsurface utilities to be at a much higher level of accuracy than the compilation of record plans.

Feldman’s SUE work adheres to the ASCE 38-02 Standard Guidelines for the Collection and Depiction of Existing Subsurface Utility Data. Our unique advantage is our field crews’ flexibility to perform a Private Utility Locating (Quality Level B) investigation and immediately locate that field data, which expedites the collection, organization, review, and delivery to our clients. From Records research (Quality level D) to Vacuum Excavation (Quality Level A), we utilize the latest technology and processes in the industry.

Whether it is pre-construction for precise design or on an active construction site, Feldman is here to help clients mitigate the risk of the unknown with our SUE program. Right. From the underGround Up!

Services offered:

Private Utility Locating

At Feldman we locate all private utilities using the latest technology in electromagnetic equipment. Coupled with procedures that have been developed over the last thirteen years to ensure success in the most congested utility areas.

GPR-Ground Penetrating Radar

GPR can be used to find underground anomalies, non-metallic utilities, voids, underground storage tanks, and density changes in the soil.

CCTV-Closed Circuit Television Recording

Our CCTV services can record the inside of Storm, Sanitary, and abandoned utilities lines. Paired with our electromagnetic equipment, we can pinpoint where utility lines are compromised, laterals come into mains, and survey that information on the surface.

Vacuum Excavation

At Feldman we offer Vacuum Excavation, Test Holes, Pot Holing, to gather surface elevations for the most accurate design information on utilities.