Vertical Construction and Air Rights

Due to limited amounts of land to build on both in and outside of the city, we’ve seen a rise in the number of air rights projects in the Greater Boston Metropolitan area. These projects call for construction over the Massachusetts Turnpike, some other roadway, or a key commuter rail as part of smart growth and transit-oriented development.

When construction surveying involves vertical construction and air rights, you have to know what you’re doing. An entire legal community is counting on smart survey work to get it right from the ground up—and to keep getting it right as increasing elevations involve air rights parcels.

Of course, with over seven decades of professional survey work under our belt, Feldman is the ideal firm to contact. We’ve been working on vertical construction and air rights projects since the construction of the John Hancock garage in the late 1960s. Our work continues into the present, with projects such as South Station and Parcels 12 and 15 over the Mass Pike in Back Bay, as well as plenty of future projects currently in the planning stages.

Remember: when you need to know what’s up, call Feldman!