Boys & Girls Clubs

Educating the Girls from the Orchard Gardens Boys & Girls Club

During a Spring Break, we extended an invitation and welcomed eight girls – all sixth to eighth graders – to our offices.

Exploring Our Technology

During a visit, we showed the students how to set up a total station, 3D Laser Scanner and Hand Scanner. They had the opportunity to look through the scope and see the laser in action. We showed them how to use the hand controllers for our drones too.

Viewing Our Work

Viewing Our Work

After showing the girls some of the technology we use, we showed them photographs of our work. They saw photos of the renovation of our own building, which they found interesting. They also recognized work we have completed in Roxbury, their neighborhood.

The Roundtable Discussion

The Roundtable Discussion

Next, we held a roundtable discussion about what the students were planning for their futures. We were incredibly pleased to learn that some of them wanted to become engineers after visiting our office!

“This so GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This a prime example on how a community can work together for success. Thank you Michael Feldman and All for coordinating this.”

– Sharon Russell-Mack, Community Manager, Orchard Gardens Estates

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